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First (another Nicole/Naomi fic)

Title: First
Author: ningyou-tsukai
Pairing: Nicole Kidman/Naomi Watts
Rating: NC-17 (it gets quite explicit)
Disclaimer: Any similarities to actual people are purely coincidental and the events depicted are all fictional.

At request from a friend... their first time, sort of.

This takes place sometimes in the 90s. Naomi has been living at Tom and Nicole's house on and off for a couple of years at this point. Nicole and Naomi are on vacation in some unnamed eastern European town.

They were supposed to share the double bed in the dingy hotel room like good friends. The hotel was described as "picturesque" but dingy turned out to be more accurate.
Nicole woke up the first morning spooning Naomi, her arms wrapped tightly around her and she remained like that for a little while, thinking.
They have had sex before, but drunk, coming home from parties giggling and tipsy. It was fast, sloppy, she left right afterwards, and Naomi wasn't the only one. For some reason that made it ok in her mind. Because, you know, everyone was doing that.
They never spoke about it afterwards. It was just something silly, something you did while drunk and high. It couldn't mean anything. It never did.
And everyone went on vacation with their friends when they miraculously found a couple of days free at the same time. Tom was on the set of a movie.
And with that thought she carefully extracted her arms from the involuntary embrace and tip toed into the shower.

They went sightseeing. Found this adorable little park that was public park that was almost more like someone's courtyard. Bought some food and had a picnic. It was sunny but not too hot. Windy. They sat under the shade of a big tree. Just a few other people in the little park. No one seemed to care at all who they were or what they were doing. After they were done eating they sat down to read, leaning against a big old oak tree.
But Naomi sort of slid down the tree until she was almost lying down, and then put her head on Nicole's lap. They didn't say anything, just kept on reading. Nicole at once became very aware of the wind, distant sounds, the kids playing nearby. She had an urge to cradle her friend's head in her arms and kiss her hair, like a child, but she didn't.

The next morning she woke up again, exactly the same, arms wrapped around Naomi, her nose almost buried in the crook of her neck. She smelled so sweet. This time she didn't linger, she just pulled away as quickly and quietly as she could. And again got into the shower. She didn't hear Naomi sigh as she closed the door.
She had a dream about her again. It was one of those dreams that are like reality, only one step further. They were even in a very similar room. She tried not to linger on it.

That night they had a bottle of wine with dinner in this tiny little restaurant. There were supposed to be some fireworks down by the water, some national celebration of some sort. They only had a vague idea of what.
They went down there, bubbly and a bit tipsy from the wine. They found a spot down by some old monuments. Everyone else seemed to have flocked on the other shore, and there were only a few other people around on this side. Naomi hopped up on some old monument to sit, Nicole standing next to her and they waited and watched the fireworks in silence.
Nicole smiled. Naomi was just at the right height.
"Come on, hop up."
"What? You're crazy."
"Come on."
She hopped on and Nicole carried her on her back in the direction of the hotel, lurching. They were both laughing silly.
"Haha I'm too heavy, let me down already."
"No way you're light as a feather," she giggled.
"You're going to break your back"
And so on, until she stumbled and let her down before she dropped her.
She was panting and grinning as they walked slower now back.
"What are we doing tomorrow?"
"I don't know."
"Maybe some museum."
"Yeah, we'll see."

Nicole got into bed first, holding a book ostensibly reading while watching Naomi getting ready and putting he gown on. White and long. "Kind of strange," she thought. Nicole was wearing pajamas. She was trying to ignore her heart swelling as she was trying to not watch.
Naomi got into bed, looking a bit shy as if she knew she'd been watched.
"Well, goodnight then."
"Yeah, goodnight."
They were both reading silently for a while until Naomi put her light out and Nicole had to do the same. The street lights lit up the ceiling and Naomi's face was lit up by moonlight.
I am not getting any sleep tonight.
But she did fall asleep much faster than she thought.
Her dreams again vivid and so intimate.

She woke up, and before she opened her eyes, she felt Naomi there, and winced inside for a split second, but realized something was different. She felt a hand close to her face and she finally opened her eyes to see Naomi's face right by her own. She was looking at her with such warmth and love that she couldn't do anything but just look back. Silent and unmoving. There wasn't a trace of hesitation on her face, just love. She reached out and put her hand on Naomi's cheek. And she felt tears welling up in her eyes but they were gone as soon as they appeared.
She knew there was no turning back now. They just lied like that for what seemed the longest time just looking at each other like they had never met before. Finally Nicole leaned in and kissed her, lips closed, slowly but lightly. She pulled back and they looked at each other again and she stroked Naomi's cheek with a finger, brushing across her lips, which smiled as she did so.
They then kissed harder, longer. Like they couldn't stop and separate their lips ever again. Naomi slid her thigh in between Nicole's legs and she whimpered, her hands finally doing everything they dreamt of, seemingly on their own. Trying to feel every part of her body to confirm she was really real. Moving over her breasts giddily, sliding downwards. Until she paused in between her legs. And now Naomi finally broke away from the kiss and gasped. Her fingers felt around for a while as if to make themselves familiar with the territory before slipped before she started caressing more rhythmically, purposefully. She was so wet and came so quickly with almost no effort. Naomi returned the favor and Nicole came even quicker and then they just lied there Naomi on top of Nicole. Both still breathing slowly and heavily.
"Oh my god."
Nicole caressed her hair. Like she still couldn't believe it. And kissed her on top of the head.
"I've been in love with you for so long."
"How long?"
"I don't even know. You?"
"Forever I think."
"Yeah. Me too."
"So when we... had sex... before. Long ago."
"Hm." Naomi chortled. "We've wasted so much time." She patted Nicole's stomach. And her hand moved up across her breast. She smiled.
"You know I'm never letting you go now. Ever."
Nicole took her hand and just said: "I love you."

They laid like that for a while.
"You know I'm actually getting hungry."
"Yeah me too."
Naomi put her ear against Nicole's stomach. "I can hear it rumbling."
"Ok well, we should go eat."

The town seemed brand new, the sunlight way too bright and clear. Everything was changed now. She took Naomi's hand shyly at first but then more confident. They walked to that same tiny restaurant they'd been the night before. She reached across the table touching her hand several times. Just because she could. Naomi smiled and reciprocated every time.
"You think I'm a bit silly don't you"
"And I love you for it."
She laughed and blushed. "We're both silly."

As they left Nicole said: "Let's buy some bread and stuff, so we don't have to leave the room again."
"Oh yeah, lets!" Naomi smiled.
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