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The Garden (and yet another Nicole/Naomi fic)

Title: The Garden
Author: ningyou-tsukai
Pairing: Nicole Kidman/Naomi Watts
Rating: NC-17 (it gets explicit)
Disclaimer: Any similarities to actual people are purely coincidental and the events depicted are all fictional.

This one gets really explicit, since that was requested. *cough*
So yeah, don't read if you don't want to read explicit lesbian sex.
Chronologically this takes place some time after "First"

Naomi noticed that she hadn't seen Nicole for a while and went to look for her. They were at an industry cocktail party being hosted by some producer in his huge, swanky mansion.

She found her out on the terrace, facing the backyard garden almost hidden behind a couple of potted cypresses.
She came up behind her, put her arms around her waist and her head on her shoulder.
Her skin was warm against her cheek.
She said: "You want to leave yet?"
"No," Nicole absentmindedly rubbed her arm with her thumb.
"I still have some more people I need to talk to. Just taking a breather."

When she saw her again a little later, Nicole looked noticeably tipsy.
"I think you're done schmoozing for the night, don't you?"
She made Nicole say her goodbyes and they went outside to wait for the car. Nicole was giggly, still holding a champagne glass half full.
"Excuse me could you take this?" she asked a waiter who passed by.

In the car Nicole jumped her, kissed her so hard and pulled her down. Naomi never felt quite comfortable in front of the staff.
Nicole raided the limo fridge and got a half bottle of champagne.
"Haven't you had enough already?"
"Oh come on." Nicole popped it open with a giggle and started to drink right out of the bottle.
"Here." Nicole held it out to her on a straight arm.
Naomi sighed a bit, caved in and had a few sips.

When they got to the house Nicole, spilled out of the car and onto the lawn and just laid there, arms spread wide but still careful not to spill what was left of the champagne bottle.
The car drove off.
Naomi looked down at Nicole.
"You just going to lie there?"
"Oh just for a little while," she mused.
Naomi sat down next to her.

They talked briefly and incoherently about the party, about whatever. Naomi moved closer and took Nicole's head in her lap.
"…and did you know he…" Nicole interrupted herself for a second: "Hey!" She looked up at Naomi, smiled and carried on: "... he didn't even have the decency to tell her over the phone, but faxed her the divorce papers…" she ranted on about some scandal or other.

Nicole poked her shoes off with her toes while she was talking. Naomi took off her shoes and laid back as well.
She looked up at the sky while she stroked Nicole's hair and her fingers traipsed down her neck, her arms.
She tried to interject: "Hey, do you think it's going to rain? Look at those clouds."
Nicole barely heard her. "Huh? Oh, I don't know." And she kept on with her ranting story.
A few seconds later the lawn sprinklers went off. They both shrieked and got to their feet. They had barely got up when the skies opened up and huge heavy raindrops started to fall turning into a torrent within seconds.
Now Naomi started to laugh.
Their fancy cocktail dresses were soaked already probably ruined for good.
She took Nicole's hand and motioned towards the house but Nicole pulled her in the opposite direction towards the hedge labyrinth at the edge of the garden.
"What? Now?! You're crazy."
"No, there's something I want to show you." She was quite insistent.
"Ok, well we're soaked already I guess."
They lurched giggling across the lawn. Nicole, though still drunk, pulling Naomi along very determinately. She just followed, wondering what the hell there was to see in the garden in the middle of the night in the dark and drizzling rain.

Once inside the labyrinth they turned this way and that. It was quite dark in there and it was lucky the ground was smooth and soft as they stumbled and fell a few times swearing and giggling.
First a right down a long corridor, the tiny leaves on the bushes were packed so tight it was impossible to see through. The only light reflected was street lights off the clouds which were brighter than expected because the clouds were so dense and low. And some of the garden lights somehow dispersing their light.
They kept brushing against the walls, every leaf saturated with water, getting soaked all over. To the right again, right, left, right another corridor, until they reached what looked like a dead end, but Nicole pushed through the leaves into an invisible opening. The hedges were thick and the leaves completely engulfed Naomi, wet and slick as she followed, but before she had time to get claustrophobic they were out again in an opening.
She just looked around. "What is this place?"
"Tom had it built. I don't even know what for. We've barely ever been here."
There was a gazebo in the middle of the clearing, barely big enough to hold the wooden garden sofa that was standing on it, its seat cushions suspiciously mildewy.

Nicole looked at her with an impish smile, turned her back and held her hair up and said: "Come on, help me out here."
Almost without realizing what it implied she pulled down Nicole's dress zipper and Nicole pulled off her dress, panties and stockings all in one motion.
Nicole traipsed around the enclosure in her bare feet. The grass was tall and unkempt. Naomi just watched her for a while and then she seemed to decide what the hell. The rain was almost warm anyway and the dress was ruined already.
She managed to reach to unzip herself and slipped out of her clothes. Nicole was floating about, not paying too much attention to anything but the rain. Her faced turned upwards now. Naomi followed her, smiling broadly. Her heart suddenly overflowed with joy.
She went up to Nicole, hugged her tightly and kissed her hard. And Nicole's attention suddenly changed completely. Naomi snapped into her focus and she kissed her back. Her skin was soft but a bit cool from the rain. Everything smelled of rain and water. Nicole pulled back almost gasping and said: "Come here." and led them towards the gazebo.
She opened a wooden box next to the sofa Naomi hadn't noticed until now, and pulled out a blanket big quilted blanket and some pillows.

They were under the roof now, no longer getting rained on.
While Nicole put the blankets and pillows on the sofa Naomi tried to wipe the water off her body with her hands but it didn't seem to help much.
"Oh, never mind," said Nicole and motioned her to come. She held open the blanket and in an inviting gesture and Naomi crawled in next to her, Nicole looking at her very intently, she looking up at the ceiling of the gazebo.
"You know, this blanket really does smell suspiciously mildewy." she said out loud.
"So?" said Nicole who had already started nibbling on Naomi's ear.
"Oh." She lost her train of thought.
I'm probably more drunk than I thought.
"I don't know."
She turned her body towards Nicole and they started kissing again. Hands slipping, fumbling over still wet skin. Nicole's mouth and tongue were soft and a bit flimsy, still drunk but at the same time determined.

She let go of Naomi's mouth and started working her way down.
Kissing her throat.
Her breasts.
Her hand remaining on her breasts while she kissed her stomach, her belly button.
Lower, lower.
She spread open her legs and kissed the inside of her thighs soft and wet before she finally kissed her right between the legs.
Naomi shuddered involuntary. Nicole licked the folds slowly and deliberately and not until she moaned "Please…" did she speed it up and hone in on the clit, sucking it and flicking it until Naomi came with a long spasm that shuddered through her body.
Nicole slid up and sided up next to Naomi and grabbed her hands and pulled them between her own legs.
"Please," she murmured eyes half closed. Naomi just rubbed her clitoris for a few seconds before she came with a deep moan. She knew that making her come always brought her right to the brink.
They hugged. Under the blanket it was almost steamy from the rain and moisture and heat.

They talked intermittently about nothing at all.
The rain was subsiding, but still falling in a light drizzle whispering in the grass.
"You know it will be hell to get into those soggy dresses," Naomi said.
"Ew, you're right." Nicole shivered. "But why are you worrying about that now?"
She nudged closer to Naomi and slid down until her nose was by the collarbone.
"Imagine if this could last forever. If I could pick any moment, this would be it."
Naomi "Mmmmhmed" in response. She was starting to drift off, suddenly sleepy from the wine and the warmth. Nicole was tracing a finger on Naomi's shoulder.
"No, but don't you?"
She looked up at Naomi who was now sleeping breathing evenly and deeply.
She scooted back up face level to hers and pulled the blanket over the both of them up to their chins and settled in as well.
"Night," she whispered before closing her eyes.
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