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The Other World (one last Nicole/Naomi fic)

Title: The Other World
Author: ningyou-tsukai
Pairing: Nicole Kidman/Naomi Watts
Rating: NC-17 (it gets explicit)
Disclaimer: Any similarities to actual people are purely coincidental and the events depicted are all fictional.

So, this is the last Nicomi fic I'll write, at least for a long time. I want to say thanks to A. and K. because without their help and support I wouldn't have written these at all.
I hope you've enjoyed my fics. I made an index of all of them in my LJ.

It was one of those strange and rare times when they had a few weeks off at the same time. Naomi was living with her now. It was like they were playing house, an almost surreal domestic bliss. Nicole's children were both there, in school still. In the evenings they would play croquet and softball, as well as you could with four people, on the gigantic back lawn.
They shared a big, light bedroom in the east wing. The children were in another wing.

They were all in the kitchen making breakfast. Connor was going on about some soccer practice. They were just sitting down when Naomi got a call and went into the other room.

"How long is she going to stay here for," Connor asked?
"You're nicer when she's here."
"Yeah," said Bella, more knowingly, "You've seemed happier."
"Oh." She was stumped for a few seconds.
"Well, we haven't decided anything," she said in what she hoped was a casual tone. "Naomi has been looking for something, but it can be hard to find something that isn't a complete rip-off. But you don't mind then? That, that she's living here?"
"No, it's ok."
"Yeah mom, it's fine."

The day after they dropped the children off at school and set off to drive to the most remote, wild and isolated area they could find.

They drove for hours, sometimes listening to the radio, sometime singing along, but mostly just looking quietly as the landscape became more and more deserted, taking off into narrower and narrower badly kept roads, until there were little more than two indents in the ground. As it finally narrowed into just one path they stopped.

They had brought backpacks with food and a blanket.
The woods were relatively sparse and leafy, the sun sifting through the leaves where they started their trek. They walked some way apart for the path was wide. They had a silent agreement not to talk about outside things, so they talked about the trees and the occasional tiny flower, the birds they heard and what they were, pointing out interesting rock formations and fallen tree trunks rotting and overgrown with moss.

The woods got thicker and darker the further they walked, the leafy trees turning into ferns and pines. The ground became rockier, the path narrow. This probably wasn't a human path even, although they hadn't seen any animals. Nicole took Naomi's hand and they walked behind each other, slower now as the ascending ground was uneven. The mountainside became so steep that they almost had to climb. The trees were sparser as they couldn't grow on the bare rock and the sun was showing through again. They stopped for a minute to catch their breaths and looked up at the little fluffy white clouds passing slowly by.

The woods were so big and deep. They felt like they were the only two people left on earth. And out here they might as well be. Not even their cell phones worked.
The smell of the earth in the forest was so alive and at the same time sweetly rotting, silent but for the wind constantly whispering.

They came to place that certainly wasn't the top of the mountain, but it was bare rock free from trees with only some moss growing on it. They spread the blanket and ate while admiring the view. Then they laid back and looked up at the clouds talking mindlessly about what the shapes looked like.
They fell silent for a while and then Nicole said, "Sorry, but I have to ask."
"Well, Bel said I seem much happier now. That I'm with you."
"So you agree?"
"I can't answer that really."
She suddenly seemed uncomfortable.
"I mean I don't really see you without me you know."
"Oh come on."
" you feel happier?"
"I don't know. I just feel perfectly fine I guess."
"I know I'm happier when I'm with you."
Nicole fell silent again.
When do I ever feel perfectly fine?
Just now.

Naomi got up and said, "Hang on I'll be right back."
She came back a while later holding a bouquet of tiny pink flowers.
Nicole turned her head and said: "Oh!" with a smile.
Naomi sat down and started stringing the flowers together in a daisy chain.

"I don't know how you put up with me," said Nicole.
"Yeah I don't know myself," Naomi answered jokingly.
"It's easy."
"Yeah, because it's you. Hey, it's done."
She held up the daisy chain she made out of the tiny pink flowers.
Nicole leaned forward and she put it on her head.
"Is it pretty?"
"Yes very."

They fell silent again.
Naomi took her hand and they kept looking at the clouds.

That night they all watched one of those generic computer animated movies on DVD. Nicole complained a bit that she'd just fall asleep, but Naomi just said, "So, fall asleep then."
She leaned her head on Naomi's shoulder and as the movie went on she sort of slid down until she lay with her head in Naomi's lap.
Naomi adjusted the daisy chain that was still on her head and put her arm around her.
She didn't fall asleep as fast as she thought she would.

In the morning when Naomi woke up the sun was already dawning and the room was filled with rising light. It was only 6 am.
Nicole was way over at the other side of the double bed her back turned, so close to the edge she was almost falling off. Naomi slid over to her side and snuggled up tightly behind her. She opened a button in her pajamas and slid her hand in to caress her stomach. Nicole opened her eyes and suddenly stiffened.
"What time is it?" she said with some alarm.
"Oh, its only 6 am." Naomi mumbled, "and it's Saturday."
"Yeah, the children will be fine."
Nicole became limp again and seemed to go back to sleep, lying perfectly still except for her breathing. Naomi kept caressing her stomach in small slow motions as if to not startle her. She opened a few more buttons and slowly worked her way up. Below her breasts, between her breasts, finally stroking a nipple slowly, back and forth with her thumb. Nicole's breathing shuddered a little and she knew she was awake. She smiled a little smile and breathed hot air into her neck. She began exploring downwards again slowly, slowly, caressing every inch of skin on the way.

She pushed her hand slowly down Nicole's pajama pants and in between her legs. She was already wet and swollen. She still didn't betray with any movement or sound that she was awake, but her breathing had become a bit heavier. Naomi stroked her excruciatingly slowly but without pause. She knew it must be driving her nuts. Nicole's breathing became slower and deeper and she seemed to stiffen a bit. She just kept stroking at the same slow pace until Nicole finally came with a shuddering spasm but still without shifting position.
They lay like that for a little while until Nicole turned around and kissed Naomi. She pulled up her gown and started touching her all over until she settled between her legs, stroking her as slowly as she had until Naomi said, "Please... faster." Nicole just smiled and said, "No way." And she kept moving painfully slowly and when Naomi finally came it was with such a forceful shaking spasm that Nicole was afraid she'd hurt herself.

They kissed again and then laid in silence close together, drifting in and out of sleep for a long time until they were finally both awake and laid there looking at each other.
Nicole reached out and cupped Naomi's cheek then slid her hand down and took her hand between hers.
She said, "It's barely been a week but it feels like a lifetime that we've been like this together. You know, I never thought it could be possible, that I could ever have like a proper family with - with a woman - with you.
Nicole rolled on her back still holding Naomi's hand to her chest, closing her eyes to stop herself from crying.
"Yeah, we are, aren't we?" Naomi said, smiling.
"Yes, but that it would be you."
Naomi said, "You know, we should get married or something." She had said it more like a statement of fact than a question but her heart still skipped a beat and she looked a bit scared.
"Yes. I know," said Nicole, and turned her face towards Naomi again. "You know it's always been you. Even when it couldn't be you when it wasn't you when it mustn't be you it was still always you."
She turned away again.
"I have wasted so much of my life."
"But you want to do this?" asked Naomi.
"Oh I do. Yes."
Nicole suddenly flung her arms all around her and kissed her hard.

Nicole was talking to the kids. She said plainly that she and Naomi would get married in a couple of weeks.
They just said ok.
"Do you have any questions?"
Connor just asked if he had to wear his fancy clothes, and then frowned at the answer.
Bella asked, "Are you going to tell people?"
"Oh no. Just, you know, family. You can't tell anyone at school or your friends. You know the rules. Never talk about anything in this house who's here or who isn't."
"Yes we know."
"But this is important I'm telling you so you don't forget."
"Yes mother."
"Ok then, good."

The wedding was to be held in the big salon down stairs. They had ordered wedding dresses, both off-white. This was to be a quick and impromptu service. She had gotten a priest from a nearby church to bless their union. It wasn't a real marriage of course.
Everyone was going to be there; her parents, Naomi's mom, her sister and husband and their kids.
Even Tom would be there with his boyfriend... What? Yeah right, that's never going to happen and why do I care about him anyway.

Like a needle jumping out of the groove of a broken record Nicole was forcefully ripped back to present day reality. She was in her trailer.

No no no no.

She sat up, her face still wet.
She cried for a few seconds, hugging her knees before snapping herself out of it.

Stupid stupid stupid.

She was supposed to rest for a few hours. There was a break in the filming. She should have been reading the script and then rest and contemplate her character.
But her mind had started to wander.

I shouldn't be daydreaming, especially about her, especially now.

She looked over at her cell phone scowling, resisting the strong urge to call Naomi that welled up in her. She knew it wouldn't help. God dammit.

No discipline.

She admonished herself. This was completely the wrong frame of mind.

Focus, focus.

She sat up proper and made herself pore over the script quickly and determinately from the beginning.
With relief and some sadness she felt the mood of the daydream float to the back of her mind.
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