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Nicomi: Fantastic Passion
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Nicole + Naomi = Nicomi

This relationship is hereby claimed by the members of this community, created 5/27/05. This is a community for pics, fics, ideas, and speculation pertaining to Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts. There are very few rules, just be respectful of the other users, spread the word, and have fun! Shipping communities are fun because the imagination is stretched, and the shared opinions and ideas are titilating, so jump in with all your naughty thoughts. Though there are many wonderful communities for Nicole & Naomi as seperate entities, posts about them seperately are fine here, too. This community should also be used as promotions for the best communities and websites about our two favorite aussie girls, and their projects and apperances. So welcome to the beautiful imaginary land that is Nicomi.

your friendly maintainers are:
livelovebelieve - creator of the community.
bohemea - creator of the slashed name of Nicomi.

Be sure to check out our favorite Nicole & Naomi websites & communities:


Khaokal's Nicomi Site

this is the best Nicomi resource by far. khaokal graces our community with updates made to her site, so pay attention to her. she's what keeps our flames fueled.

Blue Jewel: Naomi Watts

Nicole's Magic

the same lovely girl runs both these sites. they're both delightful. I've been a devoted fan of nkidman.com for ages, and have just recently started to get acquainted with naomi-watts.org. both are very fun places to visit.

Naomi Watts Online

a very well organized thorough site. very good for news and pic gathering.

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